The Diaries of Your Not-So-Typical Asian Girl

Since my sleep cycle is fucked up

New year is going well ….so far lol :D I’m getting scared though cause exams are coming up and I know I gotta do all my reading and not be lazy bout it cuz I want that 4.0 this semester. It’s not even an option. And if I get a 3.5 by the end of this year I can get invited to this Nutrition honor society/frat? Call Kappa Omicron Nu lawl dont judge me. It’s only been a few weeks, but there has been a lot of firsts. I wasn’t too active joining clubs and getting involved last year except club swimming, so now I’m all hardcore bout it lol. I’m currently running for RHA historian, something I would never do in the past. I never liked those leadership things but I mean one of my roommates kinda encouraged me and was like, “That position is like made for you” so I went for it. The campaigning process was so fun! At first I would be unopposed but I like having a challenge. I find out by Sunday, *crossing my fingers* Next I applied to become a Nutrition Advocate, and I think I got it? haha so that’s that. Its the first step to my Dietetics career, so I’m pumped! I applied to be a swim instructor at RU and I got that too :) Last but not least, I finally got the courage to go to an Chinese club meeting……and it actually was kinda fun? <3 And I might audition to be a model for their event and I will need to do like a “catwalk” …YIKES haha and I’m signing up for the mud run :D that should be fun. I don’t know why I’m diving headfirst into things and not being scared anymore. I guess cause I always have let my fear hold me back in certain things I wanna do, but now I can honestly say that I’m living life with no regrets.

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